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volumni hypogeum


volumni hypogeum

The tomb, discovered in 1840, is one of the most important funerary monuments from ancient Etruria. Dating back to the 3rd century B.C., it is part of the vast necropolis known as “Palazzone”. Located 5 km from Perugia, it is the tomb of the wealthy Volumnus family of Etruscan nobility. The tomb, with the characteristic layout of an Etruscan-Roman home, is made up by an atrium and seven rooms. The room at the far end, known as the tablinium, contains six urns in travertine and one in marble that hold the family’s remains. The vestibule located in front of the tomb houses numerous cinerary urns from the necropolis of Palazzone. Select areas of the necropolis, which holds about 200 tombs, are open to visitors with illustrations that provide information about the site, while the archaeological materials from the tombs are on display in the Antiquarium, which also hosts temporary exhibits related to this historic period.


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